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Approved web sites display the SCAM-X Seal
Add the SCAM-X Seal to your web site.

Consumers: SCAM-X is dedicated to consumers. Buy with confidence when you see the SCAM-X Seal of Approval. Our staff manually checks the validity of each and every member site before allowing any site to display the SCAM-X Seal of approval.

Web site owners: Join SCAM-X now and your customers will know that your site can be trusted. By displaying the SCAM-X Seal, you can increase your site conversions substantially. Make more sales! Studies show that sites who participate in validation services like SCAM-X have more sign-ups and increased sales. 77% of internet shoppers are more likely to purchase from a Trusted Web Site.

How does this work? Web site owners wishing to display the SCAM-X Seal simply join us by filling out a short form. Our staff will then contact you and verify your site to see if it meets certain criteria. Once approved, our staff will email you with a small piece of html code to place onto your web page and your SCAM-X Seal will be displayed.
If someone clicks the SCAM-X Seal on your web site, a new window will open showing your web site approved status: screen shot.

What makes SCAM-X different then similar services? SCAM-X does not use any automated scripts to validate, or certify a site. Everything is done manually and verified by our staff and by a supervisor.

What does it take to display the SCAM-X Seal?

  • Identity verified.
  • Secure payment processing.
  • Superior selling track record.
  • History for resolving disputes.
  • Disclose pricing, delivery and return policy.
  • Maintain customer privacy.
  • Disclose Verified contact information.

  • The above is simply a sample check list and some sites may be approved even if the site does not meet one or more of these check list items, for instance, if a site offers a free membership and does not collect payment, then a secure payment gateway is not needed.

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